KEy History

Passion, commitment and the strong willingness to always keep our English are the underlying reasons to answer the question above. With remarkable spirit Lisa Ferawati, Dessy Wulandari, Septian Adinegara, Umi Rahimah, Fajrina Hasni and Siti Hajaroh discussed about studying, maintaining and improving English without neglecting fun activities in it. Finally with motto “A Bridge to the World”, Khatulistiwa English Community (KEy) was founded on October 19, 2008.

The only man of KEy founder, Septian Adinegara added that KEy is built to give people the place where they give their heart and soul to practice, to improve, and to maintain English. Also to strengthen togetherness among the youth in West Kalimantan.

We are very glad and proud of all members who survive in KEy ‘till today. Members with extraordinary endeavors are the main factor of why KEy is still standing up straight now. KEy Smart Traveling to Singapore 2012 is the highest achievement of KEy which has been truly through one of bridges to the world. Just want to have fun, so KEy members, let's preserve this commitment, we want to have fun in KEy, not to compete or to defeat, prefer sharing and giving.....


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