Let's Emerge the Joy of Giving this Ramadhan!

Dear ‪#‎KEyFellas‬ ,
On behalf of Khatulistiwa English Community , we'd like to say thanks a million to all families, friends, acquaintances, institutions, companies, communities and individuals who supported and donated in our charity event the "Miracle of Ramadhan 2015".

We do hope that all of your good deeds and intentions will be approved by His blessings in return.
Best Wishes to all of us and let's emerge the joy of giving with us!

Special Thanks to : INDOFOOD CBP Noodle Division & Sahabat Pulau for their enormous supports in our charity event the "Miracle of Ramadhan 2015" .

Warm Regards,

The donation from the philanthropists for MoR 2015.  Packing for the school parcels is running.


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