Monday, June 23, 2014

Role of Video Games in English Development

In this era of Globalization, Language play important role in our lives and to survive and we need to adapt by learning and develop more than one language at the time. Suprisingly, World’s number one most used language is Mandarin and unfortunately Mandarin has complicate vocabulary and quiet hard to pronouce the words. So it seems to be so hard to learn Mandarin and then how about English? English is the second most used Language in this world. English is everywhere, for example when you browsing the Internet or use any kind of your smart gadgets, the language used is English that is because English is one friendly language which is not so hard to master it. Nowadays, Countries in Asia use English as their second language for example Singapore and Malaysia and not to forget Indonesia too in future. One of the unique way to learn English is by playing video game which is fun way to learn and not as complicate as academic. Well, most of people might thought video game gives negativity of violence instead of positive values but this is very wrong because you actually can learn English from video game. Just like the quote from Ridley Pearson, “Always trust computer games”, so what are the aspects that prove video games can improve our English skills and still its fun?

Firstly, the matter of compulsory. Most gamers knows that when they are started to interest to play one game they must know that they need to adapt the interface and feature inside the game and most of the games produced by game company such SEGA, UBISOFT, and Microsoft are using English as the primary language. So its like we do not have much choices but to learn it at the same time we play instead of changing the language in the option feature of game but to improve our English we must play in English way. For example, Azil is playing Assassin’s Creed game and during her time playing it there are quests or commands from the game and to understand and finish this quests, Azil need to adapt in English. So then the matter of compulsory from the game can help a person improve in English.

As far as I see from my country, Indonesia the people when they are speaking in English are tend to use mainstream vocabs which are very simple words. “Mainstream vocabs”, understood? It means that the words that used a lot in usual English terms for example, “This is so boring!”. Oh well there is nothing wrong with that sentence but then we actually can replace “boring” with the same meaning word which is sounds new to most people like this example, “This is so tedious!”. The word “tedious” actually has the same meaning with “boring” which adds more variation to it. I actually learnt this word from one game called “Crash Team Racing” which is the part Dr. Neo Cortex was so mad because of losing from Crash Bandicoot and he felt so tedious of that situation happens all the time. So the question is why so important to learn new vocabulary? For a large majority learners, the ultimate goal of studying is communicate in a new language not another language but new words which are unique and add new colors to our sentences. New vocabulary its like a new gift from Santa on Christmas eve, or a red envelope in Chinese New Year. Not only that, nowadays some game company even made video games which on purpose to improve our English such as, Scrabble Online, Word Hunters game and etc. Most of the challenge by those games are using unusual and new vocabularies so its like we are having fun and at the same time developing our English skills. Well, The point is how I found the word “tedious” is from a video game which is proven that game can help to improve our English.

Next, communication in game.  What I mean communication its not real life communication but ‘in game’ communication. How can that possible are we going to chat with our own persona in game? NO. There is another type of video games called Online games or ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game’ also known as, MMORPG. Well, in normal offline video games we are literally alone in game world but MMORPG is different, we are not alone because gamers around the world are playing the same game online which are connected and able to communicate each other. Well then the English aspect is just to communicate is it? Literally yes since MMORPG is unlike offline video games and again we need to survive and adapt new situation. However, we are running solo in MMORPG we might lost in space somehow. Why? Because we need to communicate with other gamers to learn how to win the game and not just win we also can find new friends from another countries by using the chatting system featured in MMORPRG just like Facebook chat or Yahoo Messenger. Also there is a system of MMORPG called Guild which is similar to club or group but its more like family clan. Inside Guild there is are Leader, vice, and members that need to communicate between one and another to win a certain quest or to aim the rank 1st of worldwide guild. Guild members understand they need teamwork and communication which play crucial a role here and most of the gamers are using English as their choice of language to communicate. So the Guild system and also the feature inside MMORPG also can help to develop our English which is more to communication skill.

In Conclusion, it is proven that English can be improved by playing a video game. Its not only the game feature itself using English but also we can learn new vocabularies to be use in daily life which are unique and different than others. Also, we can get new friends by playing MMORPG at the same time to develop our communication skill which is important to our life its like “killing two birds with a stone” we can achieve many positive aspects from video game.

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