Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pontianak Tourism Place - Culinary at Gajah Mada

[Pic Courtesy: Kaskus]

Hi everybody, I hope and I wish you are always okay and enjoy your time. So, you can have a great day. Well, My name is Astina Valeta, this is my first time to write here *Proud ^^*.

Do you like eat? Sometime, there is somebody goes to around the world only for “eat”, yup ! you know ? Great ! we call it “culinary”. Hhmmm may be you ever thinking about people that always spent their money just for find a new taste of food even they have to travel around the world, like you know that different places have different taste, that’s why people enjoy to take culinary.

Indonesia is an archipelago country, the distance between one and the other islands are separated by a vast stretch of ocean. hence the wide range of differences in Indonesia, such as the Indonesian motto "Unity in Diversity" customs, culture, traditions, it is not apart in difference. including in terms of food, Indonesia is also famous for the diversity of foods derived from each region. Specifically In Pontianak, may be for people who stay here, I mean in Pontianak. Jalan Gajah Mada just street, the way to go to supermarket or another place. 

But tourist ?? there are not beach, tree, and mountain, hahahha but there are foods, What ? are you thinking “just food” ? come on, I’ve said to you different place – different taste. Do you want to know about it ? Come on, gather please, there are Chinese’s food, Indonesia’s Food, Junk Food. Tourist can walk along this road and stop at every place for eat something, this street not too long. What do you want to eat ? Bakpao , Chai Kue, Sate, Nasi Kuning, Sotong Pangkong, Bubur Pedas, bakso, Burger, Hotdog, fruit, we can find it at Gajah mada. What? You are thirsty ? don’t worry, there are Ice tea, Jus, Pepsi, Sari Kacang, kopi pancong. Your live is your adventure. Where are you now?  Are you curious ? Just go and try.  About budget you have to prepare, mmmm just bring as much as you can :D It will be enjoy if you have much budget, right ?

Well ladies and gentlemen, not much I share to you but I hope you can get something from this article although only one. THANK YOU ^^



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