Listen to Music, Please...

Hi, everyone! How are you today? I always hope a good things happens for you everyday.. Oh, you don't know me for sure, right? My name is Azill, and this is my first time to write something in our lovely blog. I'm a member of Khatulistiwa English Community. It's a pleasure that I can write and share my thoughts here to you guys. Oh, I would like to say thanks a bunch for you who really likes our blog and visits it every time.

Hmm, is there anybody here who does not like music? I guest everybody likes music, right? Music is a pat of my live too. When I'm bored, I listened to it.  When my mood is bad (I often gets the bad mood, you see) I listened to something that can cheer me up. Now, I'm listening to "Switch" from SCANDAL. I love it because it makes me feel at ease and keep me in good mood to keep writing for you my friends.

Do you often hear music too? How did you listen to it? Through a radio? Or headphone? Or headset? Or earphone, just like what I always do? This is what I want to share to you about. Sometimes my fiends ask me, "Azill, you often use your earphone, are you okay? It's not good for your ear you know?" and I was like, "that's true". But, as far as I remember, I never use it over-volume. So, here is some of the advantageous of hearing music. Of course, some of this is my research through the internet. 

Did you think that, listen to music every day just to kill the time? Have you think that there is another advantageous of listen to music?  Here some advantageous of hearing music

1. Reducing blood pressure
By playing recordings of relaxing music every morning and evening, people with high blood pressure can train themselves to lower their blood pressure - and keep it low. According to research reported at the American Society of Hypertension meeting in New Orleans, listening to just 30 minutes of classical, Celtic or raga music every day may significantly reduce high blood pressure. I have proved it my self.

2. Medicine for the heart
Music is good for your heart. Research shows that it is musical tempo, rather than style. Italian and British researchers32 recruited young men and women, half of whom were trained musicians. The participants slipped on head phones and listened to six styles of music, including rap and classical pieces, with random two-minute pauses. As the participants kicked back and listened, the researchers monitored their breathing, heart rates and blood pressure. The participants had faster heart and breathing rates when they listened to lively music. When the musical slowed, so did their heart and breathing rates. Some results were surprising. During the musical pauses, heart and breathing rates normalized or reached more optimal levels. Whether or not a person liked the style of music did not matter. The tempo, or pace, of the music had the greatest effect on relaxation. 

3. Music improves concentration and attention
Easy listening music or relaxing classics improves the duration and intensity of concentration in all age groups and ability levels. It's not clear what type of music is better, or what kind of musical structure is necessary to help, but many studies have shown significant effects.

4. Speeds Post-Stroke Recovery
A daily dose of one's favorite pop melodies, classical music or jazz can speed recovery from debilitating strokes, according to the latest research. When stroke patients in Finland listened to music for a couple of hours each day, verbal memory and attention span improved significantly compared to patients who received no musical stimulation, or who listened only to stories read out loud, the study reports.

So, this four facts is the best sides of hearing music for me. What do you think? hmmm,  I am sure there is some of you guys who still in doubt about it. And if you ask me, of course there will be some short of things that we should not do when we listen to music. And this is some advice from me.

Things you should avoid!   

One of my friend, often use her earphone in big volume. I have asked her why, and she said it is just simply to avoid the crowd. This should not have to be done! You guys should remember, our ear have their own capacity to hear the frequency of  sounds. If there is some of you who have the same reason as my friend said, you better try to decrease the volume, bit by bit. I have force my friend to do so, and she ended up following it. It is also not good for  your social life. When your friends want to ask you to hang out some where, they will think that you do not want anyone to interrupt you from your own world. You got it? I hope no one of you done this! I mean it!

2. Use your own comfortable devices.
I have asked you about your way to hear music on the top, right? The devices that you often uses when you hear music is also important. For me, I would like to hear music by earphone and headphone. But I also have my own speaker in my bedroom. Your own style of your confortable device is influence of how often you hear music. I suggest you to use earphone : 
Well, friends. I think it is enough for now. Tell me whether you like it or not. And give a comment for this please, if you like to. Because this is my first time share my though to you through this blog. I really looking forward to your positive feedback. But feel free  to give more…. See you later.


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