Intelligible Pronunciation Key

IPy is “Intelligible Pronunciation Key”. This is one of boarding house in Pontianak. What does make it different then others boarding house? This is the answer. 

IPy address was on Jl. Imam Bonjol, Gg. Transmigrasi, No. 26. It was the first boarding house that had English course in it, and asked the people who stay there will got English course. There were 6 people who stay at that house. They are Tere (Math), Jannah (English), Titis (Sociology) , Riska (Physics), me Devi (English) and our beloved teacher Miss Siti.  The people who stay in that house will got English class from the teacher. We had 2 classes. First class began at 05.00 am,it was Idiom class. Second class began at 06.30 pm, it was Conversiation class. We had classes from Monday untill Friday, it means that we had free time for Saturday and Sunday. The important thing is, it was English area “24 hours English Zone”, so.... every single time you had to speak English, that was the rule. 

In the morning we got up around at 04.30 am. Who be the first to got up in that time she would had a job, she had to be alarm for the others. After praying, we got ready for idiom class. For the firts, Miss Siti would play the recording of conversiation material for 2 - 3 times. After that, she will asked us to imitated the conversiation of the material in a couple. We would like to reapet and reapet if we got a mistake till everything got a good scoore. It was really amazing for us, because we got many idioms,so when we heard about those idioms we knew the meaning. At that time I was thinking that no wonder if sometime we don’t understant what the foreigner means in English movie, because they use idiom in their conversation sometime. 

We will finished our idiom class aruond at 08.30 pm. Idiom class would be finished at 06.00 am, means that we had to got ready for going to college. Some people busy in the college since in the morning till afternoon, included Miss Siti, because, she was a lecturer in one of university in Pontianak.

In the afternoon around at 05.00 pm, we will had gathering at our beloved boarding house or we called IPy camp at that time. If we had much time, we would like to feel relax in front of our camp while told the other member about our experince in that day and while practice our English. At 06.00 pm we got ready for praying. We will had conversation class. It was almost same like Idiom class, Miss Siti would play the recording of conversiation material for 2 - 3 times. After that, she will asked us to imitated the conversiation of the material in a couple. But, in conversation class we got easier material then idiom class, because it was about daily activity. Even it was difficult for me. After that we had free time to did everything, such as, did our homework, ate, go outside for a while, or slept. We did that’s activities almost everyday, although sometime we couldn’t do that by the same part everyday. There were some changed we did,because of many reason.

There were many beloved part that we like of activities in IPy. One of them was speak English 24 hours. Even we went to hang out, we keep speak English among IPy members. Sometime we did “latah”, we spoke English to another people in English,for example to “mamang bakso”. I remember when i felt so strange when the policeman asked me in Indonesian language, I was thinking “why this policeman spoke Indonesian laguage, this is 24 hours English zone,isn’t it?”. On my way, I just realized that 24 hours English Zone in our camp and for IPy members only. We love 24 hours English zone, so we can learn English everywhere and everytime, even while dreaming at night.

I miss that moment somuch. Hopefuly, we can have next IPy, with some and big buildings, and it’s not only for girls, but also boys.

I think that’s enough for my writing. I hope it can be a nice writing to be read by people. Thank you.


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