The Strange Alibi of Mr.Blackwater - Part 2

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He investigated the house to find some clues. Strangely, he found two cups of coffee and two cakes, which each cup and cake was located opposite, as he was with someone before committing suicide. The police, however, assigned the case as suicide. But Greg couldn’t just accept the police’s decision. “Sir, I don’t think this is a suicide case!” “If so, what do you have in mind of this case?” “A murder” “Excuse me? And how would you explain this testament?” “Well, officer, it is typed, and anyone can type it. But firstly, as you can see here, the chair, it’s suspicious!” “Oh, by the way, would you introduce yourself? By the look, you surely are a detective…… Oh! Wait a minute! I think you look familiar! Oh yes! You are Detective Gregory Whitewood! Oh thanks goodness!” “What? Why is it officer?” “Well, Mr.Whitewood, our best inspector should have been the one to solve this case.” “Where is he?” “He said he took a vacation, a bonus from his friend.” “Oh, I see. Then would you let me handle this case on his behalf?” “Oh, of course! It’ll be my pleasure! Just tell me if you need anything!” The case, then, was for Greg to solve.

This client who employed Greg to spy the dead casino owner was said to just arrive from his vacation. He inherited the casino as well as the halves of the owner’s wealth, which the other halves were inherited to his family. This, certainly, startled and puzzled the detective, due to the fact that he was paid $500 for a simple job: to silently tail a person, a rich man with no bodyguard. And then the one who employed him later took over the casino from his target, which came to the detective’s mind that the client had a quiet motive to murder his own superior. He started to suspect him even more; however, there was something in his mind, “Now I’m sure HE was the one who murdered the owner! That payment was too high for a simple job! There must be something behind this. I should ask him something about this.” He took his long coat, his cap and his walking stick. Then he turned his car engine on and rushed in to his client’s house that not even a horse could outpace him.

His client, seeing him from outside, had already prepared for this. He knew that the detective would suspect him. “Just as I thought, I was probably wrong employing him. He is one careful fellow just what people said of him. But, hah, I have anticipated this right off the bat!” He then went down to the front door, and welcomed Greg. “Ah! Mr.Whitewood! What a surprise! Please come in!” Then Greg came in, placing his hat and his coat on the place that Steve had provided for him. Greg was wondering when he saw a hat, a coat, sunglasses and a fake beard until Steve said, “You may have a sit, Mr.Whitewood.” “Oh! Thanks.” Greg sat in the classic couch of a classic luxurious house of Steve Blackwater. “What is it you need, Mr.Whitewood?” “Okay, Mr.Blackwater, say, elated to have made your acquaintance…” “Excuse my interrupting, but can we go the point?” “Well then. Forgive my rudeness, but may I ask you something about the murder? Because I’m afraid you are involved in this case.” “I’m sorry, do you suspect me or something?” “It’s not like that, but I’ll be blunt I was suspicious of your payment of the job you gave me before. And again, my apology of my rudeness, please understand it’s my duty to suspect.” Steve replied it slowly, “Ah, don’t mind it, Mr.Whitewood… But tell you what? It’s absolutely impossible that I am the culprit of the murder… As you know that I have my alibi, and I think I told you where I was when Mr.Castleburn hanged… I was just arrived this morning via plane… I too, was surprised that I’ve got to take over the casino and to receive my boss’ money. So, it’s impossible for me to murder my own boss.” “But, sir, that doesn’t explain of your illogical payment for such a simple job.” “Aah, yes, indeed.” Steve looked at the clock as he was like a busy man and it was alarming. “I’m sorry to interrupt our conversation. It’s been a pleasure as well to have your acquaintance. But as you know, I now am a busy man.” “Yeah, thanks for the time, mr.Blackwater.” Afterward, Greg took his hat and his coat.

The detective Greg, however, still dissatisfied. He had realized it was Steve’s plan to extrude him when Steve interrupted his politeness from the start and when he replied slowly to have it timely exact with the time of the alarm. He, too, had realized something. “So I myself was the one who strengthen his alibi. There MUST be trick or something of his alibi. Wait, what if he didn’t really take the vacation? I think I’ve got to check it out myself.” Thereafter, he rushed to the airport and asked some of the worker there, whether Mr.Blackwater did take the vacation or not. He was disappointed; he learned Mr.Blackwater DID go to his vacation according to a ground crew he asked. However, he also learned that Mr.Blackwater was in incognito. As he learned Mr.Blackwater’s condition on Airport, he remembered about the fake beard he found at Steve Blackwater’s house. be continued...


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