The Strange Alibi of Mr.Blackwater - Part 1

It’s been a hard night, Gregory Whitewood the Britain detective was on the way home, after solving a case. It was a murder case he solved, one unique case he had ever encountered. Four days before the case opened, he was employed to look after a man named Brian Castleburn discreetly for three days. This person whom he spied, was an owner of a casino, a bar, and a parlor, and was said to have wealth of $1 million dollars. Thereby, he was known as A million $ man, or at least that’s what his trusty subordinate, Steve Blackwater, as well as the one who employed Greg, recognized him. Even though, Brian was not known to be a man of such wealth by society but an owner of a rather small casino.

His subordinate, Steve, came to Greg’s detective office. As he entered the office, Greg was smoking the cigar, looking out of the window as he was a man wondering something to happen, and turned it off when he realized he had a client. “Sir Gregory Whitewood?” “Yes, I am. How may I help?” “Let me introduce myself first. I am Steve Blackwater. Now let’s get to the problem…” “Well, sir, before we talk, you may want a cup of coffee or tea or alcohol over there.” “Such a surprise you have Vodka there. Not alcohol, I’m driving. That Britain tea would please me most.” “Then please wait. Oh, just start talking, I’ll listen.” “Well, Mr.Whitewood, I’d like to offer you only a simple request. I want you to follow my boss, for 3 days. I suspected that my boss had a business with arm-dealer. I want you to only report to me what he is doing for 3 days. Do I make myself clear?” “Crystal clear, sir. May I have the photo, the name, and the address of your boss?” “A Photo? Sure do. Here it is.” “Oh, Mr.Brian Castleburn, the owner of Royal Casino in this town. In that case, you are the bartender who runs the Castle Bar he owns.” “Yes, I am. But… wait, did I tell you I am a bartender?” Judging you knowing that bottle there is Vodka, while there is no Vodka written on the bottle, I suppose you are a bartender.” “Impressive. You live up to your reputation as detective indeed. Anyway, I’ll pay you as soon as you finish the job via transfer in bank.” “My pleasure.” “Well, mr.Whitewood, if you’ll excuse me.” “Yes, by the way, sir, allow me to say this to you: Elated you to make you acquaintance.” Then Steve smiled, and he left the office.

Steve Blackwater was a man with a very athletic tall stature. He said he was a bouncer of Mr.Brian Castleburn’s bar and had ever been his bodyguard as well. He, however, promoted to be his personal assistant after Mr.Castleburn’s success on managing the bar. He was promoted because he was not a brawny brute man but with brain as well. He was ordered to run the bar while his boss, Brian, managed the casino. Steve, in the town, was secretly known as a look-alike of a police officer in the city.

The detective, thereafter, started to cover himself up, wearing sunglasses, a trilby hat, and taking newspaper with him. As his spying progressed, he would start to do something which was common for some people around him to do like sitting on nearby seat and reading newspaper, listening to music, or else when the target was about to realize he was followed. He would also open his coat to make his appearance seemed different, so the target would not realize his existence. Upon doing this, Greg felt like a ninja. The detective, however, suspected the casino owner. He dressed normally like how a boss, an owner of casino should be at first day of his spying. But in the third day, he totally covered himself; he wore a long coat that covered his neck, a hat that covered his hair, and sunglasses that made his face barely unseen, not to mention of his hairy beard and the way he walked with hand on the pocket. And it stayed the way it was until the job finished.  He, however, did go to the place which can be suspected as a place of arm-dealing both at the first and the second day of spying.

After the job done, Steve the client paid the detective Greg via transfer, and Greg was surprised, since the payment of the job was too high, which was suspicious to him.  He was paid $500 only to spy a man! It’s illogical unless if Greg was also asked to arrest him along with the evidence of his arm-dealing. Greg, feeling curious, had sensed there’d be another case for him. “That was an easy job, but the payment is… Well, now this is what I’d call a peculiar event. According to my instinct, I suppose there’d be another case after this. I really am certain of it.” And he was right. A day after Greg spied the casino owner; he was found hanged with a chair RIGHT below his hanged body in his house by his servant. 

There was a letter of testament found in the table near the hanged body. It was typed: “I suppose someone did try to kill me. Tell them: Bring it on! I’ve got cancer! I rather die than let myself killed! I hereby abdicate my bar and my casino to Steve. I too hope Steve was the one who found this letter.” Greg was firstly suspicious with the chair since it was peculiar to him, not to mention the position of the body was too high Mr.Castleburn to hang himself who had a short stature. He suspected it to be a murder, and the suspect that he thought of at the very first was his client.


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