Gusti Fiqry Azizurrahmansyah

  • COMPLETE NAME: Gusti Fiqry Azizurrahmansyah
  • NICK NAME: Fiqry (IGN : Gipsy)
  • PLACE/DATE OF BIRTH: Kuching, April 9th 1993
  • JOB/ACTIVITY : IT Engineering College student
Once upon a time, there was an English class in semester 3 and there was a young beautiful lady name, Sussi Nurvianti or known as Ms.Sussi as the teacher in that class. How I describe the class it was fun and utterly fascinating (not boring technically, that’s good). Well, I was from Malaysia so its like English its not something strange to be conversation language and I observe myself has grown weak especially in that some sort of speaking skills due to the usage of Indonesian language much in daily life here which too mainstream but I don’t blame that matter it’s a part of a system. So then, Ms.Sussi actually is one of the senior members of one of the greatest English community in Pontianak called as Khatulistiwa English Community A.K.A KEy. At the end of the class I talked to her and questioning about whether there is an existence of one environment where I can literally improve my English back again and maintain it so I won’t lose any precious speaking skills anymore also I need new stuff (gaah.. My life kinda boring), new friends and learning something new maybe about organization not just being night owl, and then she introduce me with this KEy. She gave me her number and the KEy leader, Mr. Zulkarnaen’s number so I can contact them. The next week I have contacted Mr. Zulkarnaen and he asked me to come in the program if not mistaken it was an EFT (English flash tutorial) about idioms so then I come and after some process and few un-fairy tale stories TADAAAAMMMM!! I’m a KEy member and I am so glad to be part of it, I admit myself I have learn a lot of stuff from this community and there was a lots of “wow” moments in it.


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha, he resembles a lot of characters kang Asep :P

  2. I'll take it.. I'll take that as compliment lol TQ

  3. Finally, there is a family member who join KEy :-D
    I hope u can continue what I have made in KEy..


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