KEy Anniversary: The D Day

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Like a Chicken with Its Head Cut off,

09.00 A.M
Everybody was like a chicken with its head cut off, they were so busy with their own work. Moreover the preparation hadn’t finished yet especially for the videos of awards and groups. *OMG I was so nervous, coz we should postpone the event until 10.00 A.M.

10.10 A.M
Finally, the guest came ^^.

10.15 A.M
I asked bg Aan wheater we could start or not coz we’re waiting for the videos which was handled by bg Aan *it was my fault,I’m sorry bg . But then he said to me, it’s up me, coz I was the master of the event *that’s right I should take decision. ^^ Gung ho!

10.15 A.M
Hooreee, Started ……
Zemy and Ella were the MC. (they’re so good *proud of you , guys ^^)
The Opening speech was delivered by Bg Hanif ^^ *sorry I heard nothing coz I was helping Bg Aan behind the stage XD.

Chapter 2 Let’s Dance 

10.20 A.M
Speech by bg Hanif as the chief of committee was finished and continued by bg Izoel as the chief of KEy ^^.
You know what!!! *with kak Lastri accent .. :D

Near, Hanif, Riri, Izoel, Lastri and me were about to perform secretly. But we had a problem, that is, we couldn’t play the music if bg Aan was still in the operator room *he’s still on the go with his work. I got confused, coz I dunno what to do. Then I tried to extend the time by giving signal to bg Zoel to make his speech bit longer XD. * I dunno wheater he understood or not. Hihihihi.

2 minutes later…
I asked bg Aan wheater he had finished or not, “ Have u finished, bg.” Then he answered,” ya, I just need to arrange it,” *good XD

“Could you go inside for a while,’’  * I should take control ….

“What for??? I need to finish it.’’ He complained.
I forced him, ”come on, just for a while.”  I guided him into the room, then bg Hanif took the control *hore…

2 minutes later …
After opening finished, BLACKOUT  *but it’s not blackout perfectly coz the of projector .
Lastri, Riri, bg Izoel and Near were running to the back while it’s blackout. * I was in the back. We’re so nervous and afraid it would be mess up coz we should repeat the music. BUT THEN…..

...... to be continue....


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