KEy Anniversary: Behind the Scene

Chapter 1 Preparation for KEy Anniversary

By Riri and Jana

Dear Diary 

(Night before the event ) October 12, 2013

Kak Lastri didn’t sleep a wink

Everybody had a group, there’re seven groups who would perform.  But, there was a person who didn’t have any group. You know who! (Kak lastri’s accent) She ‘s Kak Lastri Take a bow :D. The reason why she didn’t have any group was because she’s so busy with her activity, so she thought that it would be difficult for her to meet the member of the group.  Then she decided to make her own perform, that is CATWALK. Hohohoho

01.00AM October 13,2013

Kak Lastri, Kak Near, and me spent the night in Kak Riri’s house. We were so tired, so then I was the first who went to sleep and the only one who slept a wink :D. but the others couldn’t sleep well especially Kak Lastri. She didn’t sleep for the whole night because she made some costumes for her CATWALK. But then …..

05.00 AM 

The costumes hadn’t finished yet. We were on the go. when Kak Lastri got panic she asked many things, “Sewing, cutting, needle, ruler, scissors, bla bla bla” . It was so funny. :D

08.00 AM 

Finally, all of the costumes had finished even it’s not perfect like what she’s expected before, it’s just because she lost her needle.  Phew! So we’re ready to get going to the party… *although we’re a bit late actually cause we need to decorate the room first before 8 a.m, but that’s fine we still had time to do it.
And then..  



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