KEy Anniversary: After the event

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*music background : “KITA BISA” by Yovie and Friends
Izoel ran to the stage, followed by me, Near, Riri, Hanif and Lastri. 
Video : (Near has it)

*BTS : we’re practicing from 9 pm to 12 am (once or twice a week), even sometimes until 1 am or 2 am , and  our last day for practicing we’re back home at 2.30 am coz we ate Nasi Kuning at Pasar Pagi * it was my first time went out for eating  at 2 am .. 

We did it! ^^ 

Chapter 3 
(Awards and Groups Performance)

It’s been a week since KEy Anniversary, and I think you’ve already knew the winner of KEy Awards. *if not, just check on Fb (Khatulistiwa English Community) XD

All of the groups showed their best performance, *way to go guys. But my favorite one is Balinese group who performed “Goyang Caesar”.  The members of Balinese group were Near, Maha, Iway, and Enda. What makes me like it coz after their performance, they asked us to dance also and  the best one would  get Silverqueen chocolate *I want… XD. You know who is the winner???hihihihi, she is the only one who won two Awards, I think all of you know it. :P ..   

But guys, talking about performance, do you remember what did Lastri make?? She made some costumes for her performance, let’s see what were happened …

11.50 A.M 
Suddenly, it was totally blackout *not because we turned it off like before.* I think PLN wanted to give us surprised since it’s KEy anniversary, LOL. But no worries, Show Must Go On, XD. 
Everybody turned on their mobile phone to make some light *uuuu it’s awesome :D.

12.20 P.M
Still in the Dark 
Actually, I looked forward for this (catwalk) but Lastri changed her performance became “BATIK” show, she canceled to wear her costumes *OMG, she made it all the night XD.. btw her clothes  is so cool …  mine is just so so -_- I’m green with envy. (after that, there’s surprised for bg Jeje (his birthday). 

12.30 P.M
It’s time for having lunch. (we went to gazebo)
While we’re eating out food, Ms. Top Coordinator went to the front ..

Ms. Top Coordinator : Good afternoon guys, I want to say something, I want to resign, I don’t want to be KEy treasure any more,, (she started to cry) .. hiks hiks .. I will give KEy treasure book to Izoel and Near .. (she called Near and Zoel to sit beside her, then she gave the book to Near) hiks hiks ( she kept crying *it made me so sad :(, I thought she’s really tired being a treasure coz many members haven’t paid  KEy money saving yet XD, while she’s crying, I was thinking who can replace her, but no one is like her, LOL. At that time, Bg Izoel didn’t say anything *maybe he got confused, n didn’t know what to do * XD . 

Okey back to kak near, she took out an encasement from Kak Tel’s bag * I got confused why she should pack the book, but then Near showed us KEy book follow by a  caricature, caricature??? It’s bg Izoel  * OMG we got fooled……….. , then you know what, Bg ZOEL cried …*so did I actually  XD.  He’s really a good chief, Congrats IZOEL SPECTRA …

Anyway,  It was amazing day, I love them, I love KEy …. :)  see ya!!!


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