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*ehm..ehm.. (coughing) :) hello everyone?
sorry, I'm not in good condition now actually. I got cough and headache. fiuh!! hate this a lot !

but, it doesn't mean that I'll forget to publish new post for u frieennddss . aha :D

and yeah... It's TOON TIME !!!

After giving some posts about serious stuff,'s better to give a break time for u. This is about IM Words, do u know what is that? Don't tell me that u don't know... for God sake? u know 
it right? okay.. Good :)

Do u like send a text by ur mobile phone? Do u use some IM Words or just type it as long as the page?
If u ask me, I'll say yes. I use some IM Words for texting. Perhaps in Bahasa, it is a piece of cake for u to make a word shorter than the original one, how about in English? Have u ever typed ur words shorter, maybe without putting vocal letter?

Alright, if some of u never do that because u don't know how to write it. I'll tell u, don't worry.
And, after u read this post, please take some try to text ur friend using them, okay? It'll be funnier lol xx

Here it goess. . .
e.g :
Don't 4get 2call me back ASAP, or
Hope 2 CU @ party l8r. Brian xoxo

What do u think?
Can u read them? aha . U maybe think that those sentences above are "ALAY", called in Indonesia. But, I don't think so. U can see the differences, we don't need to put such a BIG and small letter in awOrD or combine unnecessary letter n nu177m3r, do we?
This just for fun. yo.. my man \(^0^)/ have a look ! 

Attention : U may use this type of text in messaging (SMS) via ur cell phone or chat. U may NOT use this for calling or speaking directly, they will get so damn confused about what u are talking. lol

Electronic messaging / IM Words
Some examples of how words might be shown in a message:

2day  (today)
2moro (tomorrow)
2nite (tonight)
ASAP (as soon as possible)
ATB (all the best)
B4 (before) or B4N (before now)
HAND (have a nice day)
KIT (keep in touch)
LOL (it can be: laughing out loud/lots of love/luck)
MSG (message)
BBL (be back later)
BTW (by the way) the common word that people usually use :)
CUL8R (see u later)
F2F (face to face)
FWIW (for what it's worth) means "seberapa berharga"
FYI (for ur information)
GR8 (great)
ILU (I love u)
IMHO (in my humble opinion)
MYOB (mind ur own business)
NO1 (no one)
PCM (please call me)
PLS (please)
SOM1 (someone)
SPK (speak)
THX (thanks)
WAN2 (want to)
WKND (weekend)
X (kiss :*)
XLNT (excellent)
XOXO (kisses and hugs)
YR / UR (you're / your)
TGIF (Thanks God it's Friday)
MYSM (miss u so much)
C2C (see u to see / cam to cam)
ASL (age, sex, location)

U can see more here

So, that's it. U can make ur own IM Words, as long as ur friend understand what u write. :)

okay.. now. I challenge u,,Would u please to make a sentence using those words above? I can't wait ur answer ^^

Auf Wiedersehen guys...................................................


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