Hello Hi Hello Hello Hi, everyone! How’s your life? I hope no one feel in blue. Because I want to give you information which can make your day’s colorful. I hope so. Well, it’s time for you to know about microscopic world in chemistry. Do you think that smallest matter isn’t important? You’re wrong. Let’s take a look.

I acknowledge that chemistry is often studying something invisible. We can’t see the molecule of water, air, or pollution, because they are microscopic, so small. But still, we can feel they appearance. Do you wish to have a super power eyes to see them? If I were you, I didn’t want. Life becomes so crowded when you can see those all molecules in front of your nose. 

Have you heard about nanotechnology? Do you know what applied of this new discovered? I can’t hear your answer because I don’t have telepathy. Lol.

Nanotechnology is applied in the development of medical device, weapon, and etcetera. Nanotechnology is building and using materials, devices and machines at the nanometer (atomic/molecular) scale (10-9 m), making use of unique properties that occur for structures at those small dimensions. 

One film that has promoted about nanotechnology is “ G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra”. This is a science fiction film. In this film, they did presented nanotechnology with  nanomites which could control people’s mind. Nanomites are such a microscopic robotic. Although it is fiction, but scientist examined it. Scientist want to create a tiny thing which can destroy disease just like cancer by using safety way. 

We may happy with the improvement of many technologies to make our lives easier, just like nanotechnology. However, we have to manage it wisely, Guys. 


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