I Miss KEy So Much

It's really been a looong time I didn't write here. Plus didn't see almost all of KEy members in our routine program. I do really miss KEy so much! Plus the members, yes of course ;p

Well it's even now harder for me to find time to come to KEy program, which now held twice a week. The time I have apparantly doesn't that busy as you thought guys. But the distance I make, uh huh, really far away. Just fyi, I will need 7-8 hours trip if I want to come to KEy program xD *Yes, dini, all KEy members know it, unless those who don't know yet*

Somehow, happiness doesn't have any boundaries, no? I believe even if I now can't come to every meeting, can't mingle to the craziness of the members in every single event, can't directly join to the program which seem to be much funnier and more adorable, I think I still have a good heart to feel the bliss you share via the social media you guys have :)

Because that's one of the function of social media we have, yes? I am far from Pontianak, so we can make it closer by doing interaction via facebook, twitter, and now via group board in LINE. Although I do not always make any response to the post/statuses published by the members in those social media, I notice it. I can feel it :)

So I hope we won't stop communicate each other, even just via social media. At least, we won't stop communicate by praying each other, praying goodness for all of us in KEy, praying in silence, so the prayer will also go back to us who pray.

A lot of longing from me, KEy Family ^^


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