English Study Revolution - Learning While Sleeping

Hello Everyone……..

Do you want to study English in easier way?
Are you boring to studying English in usual method?
Here I would like to tell you about new studying English method that is studying English while sleeping. Sounds impossible? Let’s check this out!

There are many ways to study English, one of them is studying English while sleeping. Study while sleeping (hypnopaedia) means attempt learning media to give information typically by playing a sound recording to the student while they are sleeping. This method is very is very useful to make people remember people remember direct passage, facts, words, and fore word. This method is simple and can be done everywhere and every time. Moreover it can boost the learner knowledge significantly. This method is so good to be true.

There are some data to prove why studying English while sleeping is interesting. This alteration has been proved by some scientist. For example from Harvard Medical University, Northwestern University, Luberck University, and many others. Study that has been done by Harvard Medical School showed that studying while sleeping strengthen learning and help students to remember facts. In line with, Luberck University found that by attaching electrodes to the head of the test subjects and firing a continuous 0.75 Hertz current into their sleeping brains it could boost retention of their previous day’s memories by eight per cent. Meanwhile, compare with the one who are not using this method they can’t get this rising. It happen because, when people their brain becomes very active. 

This method gives many advantages for the users in this case English learners. It helps them accommodate the sound of the language, so that they can differentiate the words easily. Moreover they do it without effort. They just need to lie down, and listen some English materials while they are sleeping.  Everybody can use this method, especially for the one who doesn’t have much time to attend the class and someone who find difficulty to study English normally.

Above all there still pros and cons about this alteration, many people are believed this method is really works but some others think it is not really effective. I guess it could be happened because of some reasons based on the brain itself.

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