To Do List of Life

Hello and happy new year fellas.

How was your New Year’s celebration ? Awesome, wonderful, or ‘water fall’ (read : a heavy downpour :p). Whatever your festivity was like, now we still alive, as the issue widespread that “doomsday prediction would be fell in 2012”, Thankfully, it was just hoax, so we still have avenue to improve our behavior, view, of course our life. 

Well, to kick-off the new year you better gearing up to make such resolution and put it on to do list. Why ? It is crucial to do. Everything which set on the plan will work well and just in case while you forget keeping up your resolution. Then, having your life run you instead of run it by yourself. 

Anyway, what should we consider before getting started ? First, you need to determine your goals ( goals in short period of time and in long period of time), then write them down. You also need to draw up your personal calendar. After that, you put them (your goals) on each box, fit it with the due (by date/month/year). For instance, you want to master all of materials in Betty S Azhar’s book on this month, so you list it on January box. Then, don't forget to check their status in every moment, as regular as possible. Is it Not started, in progress, completed, waiting or deffered ? and you just need yourself to remind every single plan that you’ve made.

This is mine, where is yours ?

Guys, it is easy to make such to do list, but then your willingness to do those plans consistently is mostly needed here. Indeed, everything is in the laps of God, but are allowed we to create the plans. So, Let’s get started and let God do the the rest 



  1. wow :D
    i want to create my resolution 2013 :D
    n plan everything
    insyaallah :D

  2. Yes,, Fikri. Make this year better than b4 and see the differences ,then.

    Be best, be different and be now !
    Good luck ^-^


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