Recommended Twitter Account to Enrich Vocabulary

Few days ago I wrote in my own blog about my effort in 'preserving' some lexicons which I already have and I will have in my mind. To bear in mind the vocabulary I've learnt along my ages *sounds like I'm so old :p*, I have already implemented kinda "languwings-principal" to myself: Vocabulary Enrichment, at least one day one vocabulary added into my lexicon list since the first time I was really in love to English.

There are various ways I do for this. From a classic way, to more modern way. My classic way is by looking up the dictionary, taking a note of the selected words, writing the word/idiom/phrase into a piece of paper, then making a sentence with the word/phrase/idiom which I just got. And I still do love doing it till now.

Moving into modern way, is the main point which I am gonna share to you: maximizing the function of the account you have in social media, twitter. Have no twitter? Facebook is OK, then. Have no facebook too? Make one now. In facebook, these days I've seen some sophisticated updates from some KEy fellas who are joining IPy English Camp. Such a great job, Kak Siti, I am so green with envy with your English Camp. With that kinda cozy atmosphere, I believe that one day they're gonna be as sharp as attack, even much more than I ever expected and imagined ;)

Some of you find some peculiar vocabulary in the paragraph above? Then it's time for me to recommend you to follow these twitter accounts so you can enrich your vocabulary while scrolling your timeline. Go follow these accounts:
  1. Cambridge Words
  3. Oxford Dictionaries
  4. Mnemonic Dictionary
  5. Merriam Webster
  6. English Tips 4 U
  7. Key Community - Oh, what kind of KEy Member you are if you not following KEy in twitter :P
  8. Excellence English Studio

And more more more other twitter accounts which can help us enriching our vocabulary. Of course not only dictionary-type twitter account. You may also follow some inspiring people who often tweet in English, so whether or not you are willy nilly, look up your dictionary, and voila! There you are, got one new words!

Well then. Have a nice time learning English via your own twitter timeline, and don't forget to brush the vocab you have, everywhere you are ^^



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