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Three or four people die in traffic accidents in Indonesia every hour of the day. According to police records, in 2010 alone, the death toll of traffic accidents was 31,234 people. Of the number , 67 percent were people aged 22-50 years.

Now, I’ll show you some files about the traffic accidents, hit and run in traffic and traffic violation in Pontianak during Desember 2012. 

  • For the traffic accidents in Pontianak, there were 48 accidents. It caused 6 people passed away and 42 people got injured. Most of them are students.
  • Hit and Run accidents in Pontianak, there were 11 accidents. It caused 9 people injured.
  • Traffic violations in Pontianak, there were 757 violations. 

As pontianak public, we have to do an action to reduce those numbers above. We can’t keep silent and do nothing, it is one of our obligation to reduce those numbers above.

The fantastic data should be reason enough for the government to make serious efforts to somehow improve road traffic safety and prevent the unnecessary loss of productive age people and hundreds of trillions of rupiahs in material damage.

Why do so many traffic accidents happen in Indonesia, especially in Pontianak? It is because three factors were involved in road traffic accidents, namely human error, vehicle and road conditions and the environment.

In a National Public Safety Plan and the Decade of Action in 2011 -2020, the government has set itself the target of reducing the number of accidents by 80 percent. The Indonesian police have already launched 10 programs to achieve the target.

One of the programs calls for improving the system to record traffic accident data, improving the quality of traffic accident investigations, studies of traffic accident-prone locations and stricter enforcement of the law on overloaded trucks.

Another program is improvement in the way of driving licensing system (MIS), electronics enforcement to speed enforcement, enforcement levels of alcohol content, traffic education from an early age, road safety partnership action and improvement of the system resident motor vehicles in accordance with safety standards.

So guys, I think its our turn to do something useful for our selves, family and country.


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