Brain, The Sophisticated Computer

What do you think? Your brain more sophisticated than your computer, notebook, and your android now... hahahahaha... Allah has created an awesome brain, I want to open your mind how fantastic our brain, ok please read this translete from book “Keajaiban Belajar”.... I hope there is a benefit for you.

“Power of think is more fantastic than that imagines. What is all the information on the world inside on our brain, our brain never full” Irwan Widiatmoko, trainer Super Great Memory.

On the last time, more people just rely on the right brain. Anything was finish with use the right brain. For example, there are a people who sick then they take the leaf first after that cooked and the water drunk, so the patient can recover. When asked the reason? The answer is “I not really know why using the leaf, but my heart sure with the leaf the disease will be recover”. It is a hunch and sometimes it can to be a mystical. So on the last time the people pure using the right brain, although there is like this now.

The next period when the science was quick develop continue and  pointed to western science so used the right brain start to leave and change to use the left brain optimally. So was building many research methods that complicated, specific theories, and scientific argument about something, very different with before period. And on period people very focus to the research method not on the discovery itself. So that happen after are the people to be servant industry, they work very hard, forget spiritual necessary even forget to make happy self.

So on modern era is where era the smart people are people who can make unite ability the right and the left brain to be balance...

What is the brain?

Brain termed to any nerve cell, and physically this organ like a lump, that disposed gray color. On the lump flow billion electric current, that the function to convey information, give a command to all body, with move, fell, and etc. the electric current was make us to move, see, fell, and etc, until when we look the letter one by one, so we can make a word has a meaning after and the forth. This brain that to control all our activity to do anything every day, like on passive activity like sleep, and on active activity like working, thinking, and etc.
Although brain is association from many cells, the brain just works with nerve cell. Nerve system can to convey the information to the brain to process. Has meaning, next returned again to be command for to do something, when you find something, so the brain will try to compare with the last memories that ever recorded inside brain storage, and if that thing long we will find so our forehead will be furrow.

Left brain, diligent will be success.

Commonly our brain has divisible into; big brain; small brain and brain stem. Big brain can divisible into two part (hemisphere) left and right. Left part and right part has different function.

The left part has function as language center, on meaning work for anything that be related to understanding verbal language, and center of thinking, center to reading and writing, and math (arranged in center to reading and writing too). It more have a role on the way of thinking the math people, the good way, arranged, and snug. For example if on speech, analytic, rationality, critical for example on the argumentation, and be based on logical.

Right brain, enjoy but success too

Brain on the right one, structurally same with the left brain, but there is a different function. The right brain more functions for comprehension ability and enjoy melody, imagination, creativity, intuits and hunch, and fantasy, include inside comprehending anything like religion and mystery.

Sport talent like athletic, gymnastics, swimming, show motorist the left brain that good work. This is happen because by influence genetic factor, that is for special motorist muscles it more creative. Beside that influence too by surrounding’s stimulus since child. That mean, it has often exercise use the muscles from children, the brain that arrange the muscle follow to develop too.

Why must balance?

However need to comprehended that inside the brain, all this lobus with link and the brain same with the important thing, although everything has special function, but that all must run together with the others. Both of the part of brain must different function but everyday must work with good way and integrative. Please imagine, if the left brain just work, so never there is color life from the people, watching can to be very wrong thing if just the right brain has work, at the time left work just be idle or same as it.

Between the brain on the left and the right there is korpus kolomus. This part has made a link to both of the brain. If good work, so the people can used both of the brain balance. If you use the both of with true, so you are the clever people and have inner heart.

Most of parents thinking of the child is a smart if they can counting, reading, and writing. The clever children on art always give the opinion as a not intellect, stupid, and not scientist. This argument is absolutely wrong.
Education in Indonesia like more focuses on left brain function. Students must smart on counting, reading, and writing. They must do counting tasks and memorize, moreover there is on the afternoon must follow extracurricular tutorial lesson.

For make balance more dominating from left brain, need put into music, art, esthetic or the others things that there is a link with right brain on lesson experience and children’s life. All of that make a positive emotion that makes brain more effective. Positive emotion pushes to power of brain that aims to successful. If didn’t any effort to put into more activity the right brain on children life, it can to be children stress and maybe cause disturbance mentally and physically.

Source: Yunsirno. (2010). Keajaiaban Belajar. Pontianak: Pustaka Jenius Publishing.

I hope this article can give you new knowledge on your brain very special and powerful... 

Happy day...  :)
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