Q Brain-booster "Animal's Cries"

 Meow! Have you heard us on the radio yesterday? Broadcasting “I Love Monday” program on Radio Kita 87.6 fm. We talked about animal’s cries at the time. Well, if you missed it, here is the recap!

The following are idioms composed of a noun with a verb that is used when we refer to animal sounds.
1.    Apes/monkey gibber (ricauan monyet)
Example : “ I hear the apes gibber in the jungle”.
2.    Bears growl (geraman beruang)
Example : “ The bear growls as if it wants to bite its prey”
3.    Bees hum/buzz (dengungan lebah)
Example : “The sound of bees buzzing is very annoying. I can’t concentrate typing.

Other examples are :
•    Beetles drone (dengungan kumbang)
•    Birds sing (kicauan burung)
•    Bulls bellow (lenguhan sapi jantan)
•    Camels grunt (dengkuran onta)
•    Cats/ kittens mew (meongan   kucing)
•    Cattle low (kuakan ternak )
•    Cocks crow (kokokan ayam jantan)
•    Cows low (kuakan sapi)
•    Crickets chirp (derikan jangkrik)
•    Crows caw (gaokan gagak)
•    Dogs bark/howl (gonggongan anjing)
•    Donkeys/asses bray (ringkikan keledai)
•    Doves/ pigeons coo (suara merpati “coo coo”)
•    Ducks quack ( suara bebek “kwek kwek”)
•    Eagles scream (jeritan elang)
•    Elephants trumpet (suara gajah yang seperti bunyi terompet)
•    Flies buzz (dengungan lalat)
•    Foxes yelp/bark (salakan rubah)
•    Frogs croak (kuakan kodok)
•    Geese cackle/ hiss (kotekan angsa)
•    Goats / lambs bleat (embikan kambing)
•    Hawks scream (jeritan elang)
•    Hens cluck/ cackle (kotekan ayam betina)
•    Horses neigh/ snort (ringkikan kuda)
•    Hounds bay (salakan anjing)
•    Jackals/ wolves howl (lolongan serigala)
•    Lions growl/ roar (auman singa)
•    Mice squeak (cicitan tikus)
•    Nightingales sing/ warble (kicauan burung bulbul)
•    Owls hoot/ screech (pekikan burung hantu)
•    Oxen low/ bellow (lenguhan lembu)
•    Peacocks/ peahens scream (jeritan merak)
•    Pigs grunt/ squeal (uikan babi)
•    Rabbits squeak (cicitan kelinci)
•    Ravens croak (gaokan gagak)
•    Seagulls scream (jeritan camar)
•    Sheep bleat ( embikan biri-biri)
•    Snakes hiss (desisan ular)
•    Swans cry (tangisan angsa)
•    Thrushes whistle/sing (kicauan murai)
•    Tigers growl/ roar (auman macan)
•    Turkeys gobble (kokokan kalkun)
•    Vultures scream (jeritan burung nasar)

Fill in the blank with the correct answer from the list.
a.    Meows
b.    Barks
c.    Buzzing
d.    Roared
e.    Grunts
f.    Squeaks
g.    Croak
h.    Scream
i.    Growls
j.    Roaring

1.    My rabbit……….all the time, it seems hungry.
2.    When my dog saw a stranger, it………..very loud.
3.    I was very annoyed to be interrupted by the bees……..
4.    I found a cat in the waste basket. I heard the………….
5.    Children are scared by the tiger………….
6.    The bear is angry , it………………………and shows its nails.
7.    The …………….. of pigs disturbs my sleep at night.
8.    The vultures ……………when they find carcass to eat.
9.    In the rain season, we often hear the frogs……………..in the river.
10.    The lion ……………..to show that it was a king of the jungle.

Presented by : ZulkarnaenSeptian Adinegara

Meow, guys! Thanks for reading this. Well, what’s your favorite animal’s cry and why?………. Alright, see you soon in another occasion with us on the same program. Bye…. ^^v



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