Hey you guys...

I am sure that you often hear the word "Galau". In English, it can be translated as stress or depressed. All people always say this word 'galau' comes from "prokem" leanguage or in Bahasa we called "alay" language.

People use word "galau" when someone wants to tell about bad feeling and when someone in the bad mood, have not something wrong with "gallau" feeling. If someone has "galau" feeling it means the person has sensitive felling, and usually people like that can't stand alone they need friend to share.

Do you know? Not only human have feeling "galau", god has too. God always "galau" for us, the human beings. Can you iimagine when God doesn't have "galau"? emmmm... It's really horrible, god will not listen what we asking for and no excuses for all of the mistake

Only god can hear what we want and know what the truth. Because god is "GALAU" here stands for God Always Listening Always Understanding.

Okay, see yaaa on the next writing of mine.

Lastri Take A Bow


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