Enjoy The Silence

I read a tweet said this:
"Silence doesn't always mean a YES or NO. Sometimes it means: I'm tired explaining things to person who even doesn't want to comprehend".
Sounds like thought I wrote a few months ago, huh?

It also brings me to one of my favorite sentences by Fred *or George?* Weasley in Harry Potter Movie. At that time he was asked by Ron Weasley, and he answered diplomatically: Please don't ask so we don't need to tell you lies. Cool!

He preferred to just keep the secret although he wasn't silence. Nevertheless, it was just the same with silence to the one who ask for the honesty, rite? But for the person who has integrity and keep on the commitment to not telling a lie, giving that kind of choice is somehow a good consideration to do, I think :D

So, instead of keep telling a lie, why don't we just enjoy the silence? Because, the most interesting point when we deal with one who's telling a lie is: we know the truth B-)

Dini Haiti Zulfany


  1. I still refuse to consider silence as one the best choice to solve any problems. Haha.

  2. for some cases, silence is best. As Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Thalib said: "Surely silence can sometimes be the most eloquent reply".

    For one other case, indeed silence can never solve the problem, for example when someone gets angry to you, it's annoying to be the one who enjoy the silence, no? ;)


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