Don't Waste Your Time

"Time Is Money" is a maxim that many people said. If I were them, I would say "Time Is life", time is my soul. It's part of my life that can't separate every second. Why?? Now I'm 18 years old, that means I have lived for eighteen years in this world. What I have done?? What you have done? For your family, for your friends, for the other people and for yourself??

I'm so afraid about those questions. How valuable are your life in this world depends on how you spend your time, how you use your time. How??

There are many people who regret about their life, they feel that their life isn't important anymore and decided to end their life. They really don't realize about the time that has been awarded. Because beside that there are many people who want more time for life and many things they want to do, but time it's over. We never know when the time over; my time, your time, and the world time. Before it's too late, let's change, don't waste your time.

Every people fill their time with different ways. Some of them are so busy and some of them just waste the time with didn't do anything. I think they need "time management". It is an ability to overcome personal time. Here's I have some tips for you…

How to manage your time?

My tips:

1. A commitment : I don't want to waste my time

2. You need a journal : what you are going to do

3. Priority scale : which one is more important

4. Plan A and plan B : we don't know what will happen

5. DO IT : your commitment

Suggestion: Watch this movie (In Time) : It's a nice movie… :)


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