Agriculture Corner: Indonesia Agriculture

Chapter 1: Agriculture of Indonesia

Indonesia is a nation that has many culture, plain, altitude and fantastic flora and fauna, with tropic climate Indonesia has 2 seasons they are rain and hot, with high temperature and humidity this land has big potential of agriculture, with different main food on every region it has many different ways of farming, many knowledge, skill, and understanding for each other region food will make us smart. Each type of food has their vitamins, protein and contains many useful substance for our body, which no other region have it.

If our country can manage to produce more food from that, there are no more hunger, no more malnutrition and no more weak body, our mind can think faster, our body be will full of energy to build our country. But in reality it’s not as easy as speak with many interest in our country, the farming grow slowly, and it must be ashamed that we have many farmers and filed of rice, fruits and another but why we still import our need from another country.

So through this series article, I will invite every of you to love agriculture because we live with nature, we work with nature and we will back to nature. Bye-bye wait for my next article :)



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