A Bridge To The World

Know that I've always enthusiasm for world-circling
Know that English was a KEy to reach it
After all this time, my English ability was less than average
But now we've met each other
You reach over and touch my shoulder then say
Everything's gonna be easier

When you taught me, I realized I had been wrong
That may be I couldn't change fate to live here all along
But it was a mistake which has to be devastated
Cause you serve me a bridge to the world

Day by day my knees lose tremble
My confident is getting stronger
My dream looks bright as the sun
It'll never end till the sun stop shining
One step closer, I'll almost get my dream

No matter how much obstacle come
Oh Alas! A big hurricane waited
I'll stand brave as a giant tree
My roots are your cheering
Hard it may be
That I may lose a part of me
But staring you is enough to not give up by the risks
Cause you serve me a bridge to the world
Through this I do not forget to pray
To be gather with you like a compound
Which never broken
And always fill each other in joy or even sorrow



  1. I dunno why simultaneously I am thinking of both katy perry and christina perry while reading this

    *Nice Yunita :'>


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