KEy Award 2012

We are now counting down the days to KEy Awards 2012!

This year, we'll do KEy Award in Aloe Vera Center, just like we did last year. But there's something new for this year, guys.

As the previous 3 KEy Awards, this year we are also gonna nominate KEy members with these categories:
  1. KEy Member of The Year
  2. KEy Favorite Icon
  3. KEy Program of The Year
  4. KEy Survivor Award
  5. KEy Buzzer Award
  6. KEy Vanguard Award
Categories number 1 to 3 gonna be decided by voting, which has been done via facebook and sms. While the last three, Survivor, Buzzer, and Vanguar Award are gonna be decided and evaluated by the coordinators.

And hey! The award name KEy Vanguard Award is a new category for this year! Which means, we're gonna have one more name who deserves awarded with Vanguard.

OK, then. Let's see, who are gonna be the winner for KEy Awards 2012? 

Wait until December 2, 2012!


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