A Surprise Drama

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We had meeting for the preparation of KEy Award 2012. It's sunday, and we remember that the day is Ms. Siti's birthday! Heyya, what are we gonna give to her?

Okay, let's have some impromptu drama to surprise her!

When Bang Juno started the meeting, asking the stuffs to be reported for the event, I couldn't wait to start my part to do the play. I am one of the person in charge for catering in KEy Award, and finally here we came, the session to report the progress of the catering. I started my play there, with Devi.

I told to Bang Juno that I've asked my mother to prepare the stuffs since I myself was busy to handle my thesis presentation. But the problem was, my mother also couldn't help me to do the catering. So, I told others that I have asked Devi to handle it. But Devi denied to do, she said that she wanted to prepare the catering with me, because preparing the catering surely was not an individual job but a team job. 

Then I started to piss off, I said to Devi that she didn't want to comprehend me. She didn't want to know that I was so busy preparing things for my thesis stuffs. We argued in front of others, who also seemed to be also surprised and had no idea that we actually did the drama. Hahaha.

Even Bang Andri once tried to sooth me down. But to make it more dramatize, I scolded him. I yelled at him: "Shut up! I must let people know this!!!", while throwing the stack of my thesis.

Seeing that I was just acting too much pissing off, Ms. Siti, the main object of the surprise, our beloved birthday woman, approached me and tried to make me calm. Priyo and Hanif even gave a solution to just use another catering service of some people they know. I actually couldn't stand to not laugh, but for the success of this surprise, I went on pissing off and yelled at Devi. And crying, of course.

Till finally, Ms. Siti couldn't stand anymore and shouted: "SUUUUDDDAAAAAHHH". Wow, Ms. Siti had showed her power! She advised us that this is not the community meant, and together asked us to do istighfar to let the evil out. All of us, including Arwindo, said the istighfar, Astaghfirullahal'adziim. 

And finally, because of the atmosphere had already had a lot of tension, Bang Juno gave his applause and sang Happy Birthday to Ms. Siti. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youu..

Hehehe, happy birthday, Ms. Siti Hajaroh. We are so sorry for giving you that surprise drama, but we do love you a lot :*


  1. that's good action guys !!
    Heppi birthday K'Ct.
    Best wishes for you

  2. Happy birthday Ms.Siti .. Love u ... Hahahaha

  3. I really I hope I were there to see how great Ms. Siti shouted SuDDDAAAH hehehe.

    Nice job, you guys. Hope it will make KEy have moooreee sejse of belonging to each other :)

  4. that was truly drama that i ever watched..unpredictable...amazing

  5. finally... I can comment too...
    after learn with ijul n ms. dini... thanks a lot for u all

    I can forget this drama...
    hahahaha... all can't predictable bout that..
    tq ms. dini has publishing...
    n tq ms. citi... and happy birthday... success for u...

  6. I mean I cann't forget this drama...
    miss typing


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