Umi Rahimah

  • Complete Name: Umi Rahimah
  • Nick Name: Umi
  • Place/Date of Birth: Pontianak, 19 April 1980
  • Fav colour: Black, Blue, Green, Brown
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Fav food: Any vegetables
  • Job: English Teacher at SMK N 3 Pontianak
  • Ambition: Live freely with no pressure
  • Motto of life : Love being a teacher and try to be simple
  • Facebook: Umi Rahimah
  • Twitter: @rahimah_raheem
  • Blog :

A great memory when few people gathered with one purpose, to find a fresh atmosphere where we could learn to speak. A band of people who learned to speak :) That's kind of weird, hhhh, actually we just want to have fun by using English, with no boundaries of education background and age. I always be the eldest, but no problem at all. And here we come, Khatulistiwa English Community, a bridge to the world. Just want to have fun, so KEy members, let's preserve this commitment, we want to have fun in KEy, not to compete or to defeat, prefer sharing and giving.....

*Ms. Umi is one of KEy founders.


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