Telly Agustiani

  • Complete Name: Telly Agustiani
  • Nick Name: Kak Tel or Telly
  • Place/Date of Birth: Pontianak/ 1st August 1988
  • Job: Student of PGSD FKIP UNTAN
  • Ambition: I want to improve my knowledge and my ability, beside that I want to go around the world. English will help me to have a better communication. I want to study in Germany
  • Fav Food: I love all food that delicious and halal, like somay and batagor hemmm... yummmy 
  • Hobby: Traveling
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced you to KEy and why do you join?

I first know KEy from Achan. Starting from sms with achan, at the beginning I and Achan always use Bahasa and after long time I told Achan, "Hasan how about if u and me use english language" and Achan reply "Why not" and after that Achan offering me to join with KEy and I sure to join.
Achan and Mr. Aan was the ones who introduced me to KEy and told how fun the community was. I found KEy was really interesting to me at that time, because for the first time I meet with fun community like KEy, at that time the program is sharing with Mr. Adi from Solo... ooo.... it's so cool for me... hehehehehe and every time I follow the program I feel my ability has improve although I still not expert, but I'm sure joining Key can make me better, cause of that I still join with KEy. ;)


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