Sussi Nurvianti

  • Complete Name: Sussi Nurvianti
  • Nick Name: Sussi
  • Place/Date of Birth: Pontianak, January 23, 1988
  • Job: Lecturer at Language Center Tanjungpura University
  • Ambition: 1) A great lecturer who teach and educate well, who do researches for the development of the country, and who's able to do more contributions to the people as well as the country. 2) To be the head of Dinas Pendidikan or part of Ministry of Education to do much better things for the sake of Indonesian education. 
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you? Why do you join?
I heard about KEy for the first time from some friends, and then they asked me to join this community. I did it because I think this's a good place to learn more about English (since English is one of my passions, then I have strong willingness in learning everything about it), and at that time I saw that the members were great! They're so friendly, smart, and the programs were so much fun!
  • Motto of life: Well, I'm actually still looking for the most appropriate one, but I think "Be yourself" is the most representative for me right now.
  • Facebook: Sussi Nurvianti 


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