Muhammad Hasan Asyari

  • Complete Name: Muhammad Hasan Asyari
  • Nick Name: Achan
  • Place/Date of bitrh : Nusapati, May 5, 1988
  • Job: Agency of Tribun Newspaper, Student of Akademi Bahasa Asing Pontianak
  • Ambition: Living up my mother's expectation
  • Achievement: Going abroad with KEy :)
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you? Why do you join?
I first know KEy from Bang Rico. Bang rico was the one who introduced me about KEy and told how fun the community was. Bang rico took me to the basecamp of KEy and told to Mr Aan at that time.I came for the first meeting. I was so shy and speechless as well. I came to every meetings of KEy. Finally I join with KEy Because I really wanted to improve my English here with the great people who want to improve their English as well. And that what makes me still stand in KEy till today :)
  • Motto of life : where there is a will there is a way
  • Favorite color : green and blue
  • Hobbies : playing football and reading book
  • Fav food : meatball
  • Facebook : Muhammad Hasan Asy'ari


  1. Wow.. Great acan.. Your Answer About "How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you?" it's just like me. Riko who introduce KEy to me. But, It's too bad. He can't stand in KEy. And also I think a member who introduced by Riko can be Public Relation just like you and me. Maybe you can ask Riko to join KEy. Maybe next time He will bring a new PR. Hahaha

    From Apriadi

  2. muehuehueue.. acan should know there's a comment for him..

  3. owh we're the rico introduced me also..
    ya maybe someday will come the new one who will be a PR that is bg rico's child..hahha


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