Lisa Ferawati

  • Complete Name: Lisa Ferawati
  • Nick Name: Lisa
  • Place/Date of Birth: Sukoharjo , 19 April 1986
  • Status: Married with a cute son
  • Favorite colour: green
  • Hobby: singing, watching, and reading
  • Favorite food: sate
  • Job: English Teacher at SMPN 5 Seponti (Kayong Utara)
  • Ambition: Wanna live when I am alive
  • Motto of life : Trying to be a good teacher, a better wife, and the best mom.
  • Facebook: Lisa Ferawati
  • Knowing KEy

It’s started when we (Siti, Desi and I) are back from Pare (West Java). We need an English atmosphere to improve our speaking. So, to make that to be comes true, we need a real commitment. Looking for anybody which having the same commitment, we decided to meet Aan (He is in the same year and having big desire in English). Talking much about English, so…by inviting the others too, KEY was born. I am only active in the early age of KEY, but then, by the time I can’t be active anymore since I’ve been moving to the remote area, hehehe… Seeing the progress of KEY, I’m proud to be the member (even just alumnus)


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