Dwi Sasta Kanaya

  • Complete Name: Dwi Sasta Kanaya
  • Nick Name: Dwi
  • Place / Date of Birth: Pontianak, October 5, 1986
  • Job: English Facilitator
  • Hobbies: Writing, Travelling, Mingling.
  • Ambition: To be a passionate writer, to be a lovely lecturer, to be the one of those who in charge of the commission X (education) MPR-RI (amin) ^_^
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you? Why do you join?:

I heard about KEy for the first time from Kiki (Rezki Mardlatillah, one of KEy members), my close friend. She told me that KEy was consisted of FKIP student, the English major. I suddenly felt kamseupay that I didn’t know KEy as one of English community in Pontianak, and I knew it from my friend who were not study in FKIP (what a shame huh? :’p). At the first time I felt so shy to come, but then I felt a great atmosphere of learning English in this community. Since English is one of my passions, I did many things to improve my English proficiencies including joining an English club. And finally, I officially joined KEy in 2009. The members were great, but honestly sometimes they did crazy things that turning up a stomachache, LOL. So far, KEy is my family where I can lean on my dream as a dreamer. More than a million thanks to KEy that I couldn’t say. Love u sooooo..   


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