Dini Haiti Zulfany

  • Complete Name: Dini Haiti Zulfany
  • Nick Name: Dini, dhz
  • Place/Date of Birth: Pontianak, July 22, 1987
  • Status: Married
  • Job: English Tutor in Universitas Terbuka, Sekadau.
  • Ambition: 1. Do the 5th of Rukun Islam, going to Mecca for Pilgrimage; 2. Going abroad with KEy + my husband + my children, which means going abroad with my family :) 3. so many moooore
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you? Why do you join?
I have known about KEy since 2009. I heard about KEy from Linda Budiarsih, but then finally joint KEy coincidentally because of Elisa Yuzar. We (I and Elisa) at that time just attended our friend's wedding, and Elisa requested me to drop her to Linda's house, where the KEy meeting was held. I decided to just come in, considering that Linda is my best friend, and thought that I also was able to speak English. I was really wondering why the people there laughing for things which I found not really funny. But as the time goes by, which the motivation to improve my speaking and have more friends, I decide to join KEy, and now I totally understand what makes us *YES, it's now us, not them anymore :)* laughing so out loud at things which I thought not funny. The chemistry brings me to KEy. Yeaayy.


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