• Complete Name: Buniarti
  • Nick Name: Near
  • Place/Date of Birth: April 5th, 1992 in Pontianak 
  • Job: Full time worker,part time colleger n always learner
  • Ambition: Visiting wonderful place ever (Mecca-Medina) with my Family
  • Hobby: Travelling, Watching Movie
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you?

It was just another day somewhere, time to finish the class. Before doing that, we had a sorta chit chat, then she told us about KEy. Anyway, who is she ? Well, Thanks a million K' Siti Hajaroh, you've introduced KEy to me. Why do you join? I used to wanted to practice my English but now I got a lot of information, knowledge and you know, a lot of friendly people as well. I would say, just get stuck in there and go for it ! :)


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