Andri Noviardi

  • Complete Name: Andri Noviardi
  • Nick Name: Andri
  • Place/Date of Birth: Pontianak , 15 11 1990
  • Job: Engaged to all people n to ALLAH
  • Ambition: Reach out the invisible
  • How do you know KEy? Who introduced KEy to you? Why do you join?

It was avery long time.. Well I try to tell though, a friend of mine, named Herri, asked me to join this community as he said , " if u wanted to practise n feel the english atsmophere all the time , join us then " it was such a motivatiing words . Unluckly he is no longer in this group.

  • Motto of life: Life is wat u think

I would love to tell more when it is right time to do LOL , I just have got a bunch , a thousand , a dozen words to compose . it makes me lazy to write them all , but Honestly , When we're friends u r gonna know the bad n the good of mine hhehe I hope , u never regret then . NObody is perfect but being with u makes me perfect 


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