KEy visit kalbar 2012

Hello KEy fellas... It's nice to see ya again :)
KEY VISIT KALBAR 2012 program this time, we re-visited Temajo Island which related to its history it has 7 hills, so that’s how the name was created to name the island. The island that we call it as “Hawaii” of West Kalimantan. After our charity program, that is free English course for the coastal children. We headed to Temajo Island in the afternoon. Not only to promote the tourist attractions we have, at the same time we also have a mission to strengthen the relationship between the members to be more cohesive and increase the sense of belonging to the community. 2 days 1 night's adventure was quite tiring but so much worthy to be forgotten. It took one hour voyage to get to the island, we chose Pantai Paku as our 1st destination to stay for a night. We “miscalculated” the situation when we got there, but that was the best part of this journey. One more thing that we can’t forget about this journey is “We visited 4 coasts of the island in one day!”

And finally we arrived at Temajo Island

Temajo Island is still natural :)
After going to Temajo Island, we visited Pasir Putih beach and walked about 2 hours :)
KEy members were walking to reach Pasir Putih Beach

And finally, we were at Pasir Putih beach! :D

Well KEy fellas, Indonesia is incredible, there are many beautiful and natural beach around us, the goverment should keep it :)
See ya in our next post ;)



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