An Odyssey For Charity

Heyy KEy fellas how are you doing? are you OK? I hope so :D Oh My goodness, long time no see you here!
Hmmm talking about KEy program, a couple week ago we had an extraordinary program, it's "KEy , Youth , and People".
KEy as a social community wants to support the government program and promote the importance of learning English from an early age in this modern era. So, we are as a small part of the society in a community have realized to promote and apply our skills to children in rural areas or districts which are still lacking of the infrastructures to learn English. We also have the goal to motivate children, and parents to be aware of the importance of English capability nowadays. This is our way to assist the government efforts in education. May all of our modest efforts are beneficial to the community in general.

We taught them a simple lesson of English such as alphabet, number in English and colour in English and we gave them a present if they could answer the questions :D. Overall the Teaching-Learning process was so fun and full of curiosity and excitement during the whole process, the children enjoyed every-single minutes. You can see the children so happy with our lesson ^^ ..... (There are a lot of things that cannot be uttered....  too precious ^^)

Can't you see that? the children were so happy they could answer our questions. Finally, 
We felt so carried away with the moment when the children were so exciting and welcoming us with their enchanted looks. They were so excited in the whole process and expected us to come back again in the future. Ow so touching :')

Oh hi KEy fellas, look we're a bit pushed for time... see ya to our next post ^^


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