Wondrous voyage

Hi everyone! On Sunday,January 29,2012,We had a wondrous voyage at Galaherang boat. Ya,it was our first outdoor meeting of 2012. We did a lot of activities in there ; playing the game,eating together,sharing together and we crossed Kapuas River by galaherang boat,then we could see everything from there such as factory,Alun-Alun Kapuas, fisherman’s house,harbour,and Kapuas Bridge,it’s so awesome! :D
And we also saw the activities of pontianak people ; The womenfolk were washing their clothes in the edge of Kapuas River,the children were swimming,and fisherman was fishing in their rowboat :D Every corner of Galaherang boat was used by us to take some pictures, hehehe.
It so wondrous voyage That every moment we share together is even better than the moment before If every day was as good as today was,then we can't wait until tomorrow comes. ;)

Oh,if you want to see our photo when were at galaherang boat,just click at the right side of our blog :)


  1. aaaaaaaaa I do miss KEy fellas a looooot T____T

    It does remind me to my post, the voyage to Kapuas River, when it was still 2010, and I completely was still single :p

    hope to be able hanging out with you all guys :')

  2. Can't wait to see you join to KEy again.. :D


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