Second Anniversary, Done!

We do thank to God to give us great time to celebrate our Anniversary on the sunny sunday. Strengthen Togetherness and Respect One Another is the big theme of KEy Anniversary. And it's really representing what we did on that day!

We start it with words from the Chief, Septian Adinegara, then Laiman as the Person in Charge of the event. Both of them are amazing! Why? Yeah, because they are KEy members, of course ;) and before the members really had fun on the stage, Apriadi, or well-known as the Public Relation of KEy, led the pray. We pray *yeah, we always pray* for the success of KEy, now and forever.

The MCs on that day are Nia Nopika Rizki and Desri Handayani. They were so spiritful in handling the party. All of the members who came to the event must be able to feel that spirit. Proving her spirit on the stage, Nia said after Apriadi finished leading the praying: "Well guys, it's time to have the PESTA PORA!!"

Well done, and we did it! The Heterogenous of the members' performance did shake the stage. Oh, one more unforgetable moment is Ms. Fajrina Hasni and Ms. Ummi came to the special event. Even Ms. Umi read her writing, her feeling, her experience along her journey with KEy. So amazing to know that both of the pioneer could come to KEy 2nd Anniversary.

What a moment to remember. Nothing to compare it to. Moreover, for the members who get award from KEy. Who are they? Here they are:

Septian Adinegara as the Member of the Year.
Dian Ukhti as the two Thumbs up Member.
Tia Wirdayani as the Most Survival.
Nia Nopika Rizki as the Buzzer.

Congratulation Guys. See you at the 3rd KEy Anniversary :)

Oh, this is the Award, a bit reminds us to property used in Overa van Java hehehe.


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