Hey you, people. Long time no see! It seems that the time running so long. And today is the early of october! Remember something special on october?

Yes, you're right! KEy will celebrate the 2nd Anniversary. October last year was a wonderful gathering with all of KEy members in Museum Kota Pontianak, and we do have that this year will be much more wonderful sharing for us!

We will celebrate our 2nd Anniversary on Sunday, October 24th, 2010. For the sake of our celebration, we do polling to have who's gonna be the member of theyear, and what's gonna be the program of the year.

You choose it, guys. It will be started from October 2nd to October 21st. Your choice will decide to whom the awards will go :)

So, who do you choose to be the member of the year? And what do you choose for the program of the year? Check out our facebook page, you may write the name and the program on our wall. Wanna make it easier? Yeah, just write comment for this post, or write in our shoutbox. Easy, right?


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