Problem Solving

Hey ya, people. Today's program is problem solving. Such a great way to share opinion, share ideas, and share fun in our weekly meeting.

We had 4 teams to decide what problems would be appropriate to find the solution. It's great to know that we consider so wide thing. Starting from the Educational Issue: The Quality of Students from Private College, then we also have Cultural Issue: Traditional Games these days, Sport Issue: Should PSSI hire foreigners to be the player to empower Indonesian Team in order to prepare our beloved country to join World Cup the coming years, and finally Entertainment Issue: Porn Video with 3 different questions.

Wanna know how the problems were solved? Surely in a fun way, and always. The core of what we did today is one: we keep on practicing speaking English, improving our confidence to speak in front of the public, and try to give just a little contribution for our surrounding (at least for our community). Ah yeah, using a little reminds me to the tutoring today. Yup, we talked about the use of little, a little, few, and a few.

Well, see you next week with other great program: It's Drama!!

Who will be the Drama King and Queen? Can't wait for that!!


  1. yups, really enjoyed the activity...


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