Next KEy on May 17th, 2009...

Next KEy will be held at KEy Base Camp : Jl. H. Rais A.Rahman, Gg. Gunung Gede No.57
Contact Number : 0561 3055009. And the programme will be " Watching & Analyzing Movie". It's the highest rated programme in KEy Programmmes. Well, everyone had picked "Comedy Theme For the Movie". Keep and save your voice. coz you'll need it to laugh out loud this sunday....Guys, please come early to pick the movie.......For the members who haven't collected your pictures, please collect it this week (in size 3x4, 2 pcs). And for the "KEy Profile Writing & Designing Competition" Will Be Closed This Sunday May 17th, 2009 at 20.00 pm. We'll pick 2 of the best profile to be the winner....Okay, keep on the hard work!
Requirements For the Profile (Terms & Conditions):
1. Write It Or Design it on the F4 paper size (You may write down the ideas there).Just make it neatly
2. The profile must concist of KEy characteristics (From the background until the available programmes). You may make your creations in writing and designing but please don't change the Logo, the Motto, and the original or actual KEy Stuffs.
3. The ideas must be pure and original

(We'll pick the profiles which are suitable with the requirements above
Ok, thats all. Thank you


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