A Special Day.....

Wow, in the special "Sharing Information"programme that we held in Urayandi's house last meeting was outstanding!!!Unbelievable that we got such a lot of knowledge about the tradition and culture of moslem from all around the world...!!! We presented from some continents,and we got a big surprise of the information about moslem itself.Chief and Ari came first with the information from Australia and followed by Desi and Desri who talked about Asia (Singapore,Philippines,And India), next it's continued by Kiki and Urayandi who had talked about America (North America) and the last is Riko and Adi who had talked about Europe (Turkey, France and Italy).....And thanks to Urayandi for his special treat....thanks a lot...


  1. Unfortunately, i forgot to bring the materials...

  2. I have a sugession.
    How About This Week in our blog you add also the information about the culture that we already disscuss. So, the others who didn't come also know the cultures in every world. Maybe I Will Collect direcly to ur house.

    Apriadi, S.Sos

  3. An,would u make link to download the registration form??? so, i can pick it....

  4. alright..alright let see....i got a lil bit busy lately...so,i just added some of the information....ok?? hope you don't mind about that...


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