Next KEy....on March 22nd, 2009

Next KEy could be Linda Budiarsih's House on Jl. M.Yamin Gg. Usaha Maju No.2. The Programme will be " Singing And Analyzing song".So, you've got to prepare your favourite song and then you've got to perform it just the way you are....and the most important part is you must know what is the song tells us about...that's it!!!


  1. Oh my God...
    I can't believe I will singing 2 days again...
    Everybody have to prepare their ears...

  2. Oh's terrible..coz...i have to pretend to be a singer or a performer....I guess i have to choose...But thank god, i got my song already from the 10 list that i've made...wish i won't emberassed my self


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