KEy Got Talented Members! Wow...They're On Stage!

Finally...after having a long journey of searching for talented members, now they're in front of our face. Their talents are just showed up! In the singing and analyzing song programme last sunday was incredible, we got talented singers....the audition has reached its ending.... Hahaha...
We can make a band and solo singers.Perfect!!! It's tottally insane. Guys!, if i know you are talented, i'll send you to the festival as the representatives or promotor!!!oh..kidding but honestly...yes! Linda must be so excited coz she got many new members visiting her house at the time. Wow, good improvement...many members arrived at the place. I hope for the next occasion will be better!

Here are the pics of some of 'em!


  1. Wow..last meeting is so cool. So many, talented persons in kEY...

    Aan, I think we should make some polling about who is the best performer in the last meeting...........


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