Got Goosebumps!!!

Wow,last meeting was so....scary....You know...watching movie and discussion about the movie was our programme last sunday.Even we spent much time for that.The movie theme was horror,everyone got haunted.The atmosphere was terrifying.Miss the meeting?Wanna know the movie?


  1. Ghost... What is a ghost??? Many people are missunderstanding about what ghost are. Many people believe that ghost raise up from dead human body. But it is not true. Ghost are created in a spiritual form 'sejak awalnya'. Ghost is made from fire. Its why they do not have any form. In chemistry, fire is not a material, but a visualisation of energy..So, its can explain why they can't be seen. Another missunderstanding bout ghost is, people think they all bad..Not all ghost is bad. They just like human, some are bad, some are good. But, the good one 'jarang menampakkan dirinya' into human life, but the bad one do 'sebaliknya'.

    Rizmahardian Ashari Kurniawan

  2. Wow...good explanation...!!!
    Love that,Finally....


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